• 0:38

    Randy Stabler

    Pride Auto Body

    Randy Stabler of Pride Auto Body highlights uParts' effectiveness in keeping his suppliers accountable:

    uParts is the best system that I've seen, in parts procurement, that allows us to hold ourselves accountable. And it is not playing favorites. Its a more open system for all, its considering the needs of all the stake holders in the parts procurement game. Much more so than the competitors. So, If you want a system thats going to hold yourself accountable but be open to all the other segments in the parts procurement arena, than I think your going to do well by using uParts.

  • 0:32

    Erick Bickett

    Fix Auto

    Erick Bickett, CEO of Fix Auto highlights the benefits of immediate feedback on orders submitted through uParts:

    One of the things that uParts does that’s a great example of immediate user feedback is the PPIs. You know, 20 seconds I get PPIs back. For the user, which is the Repair Planner in our case is ordering the parts. So, we might have a parts man receive and all that kind of stuff but the repair planner is just freshly with the vehicle, he’s finishing up the file. He's going to up lock and load and upload this thing to get the PPIs back just like that... That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. That’s like wow!

  • 0:18

    Tom Williamson

    Marina Auto Body

    Tom Williamson of Marina Auto Body shares how his colleagues have joined uParts:

    And for us it's uParts and I think that you'll find my colleagues and in especially in Southern California have jumped on the uParts wagon. They're there, they understand that this is a driven industry, driven collision repair friendly product that’s going to make us better at what we do.

  • 0:11

    Robert Smith

    Anaheim Hills Auto Body

    Robert Smith of Anaheim Hills Auto Body discusses how the collision repair industry already uses measurements for most repair processes, and now uParts provides those measurements for parts procurement:

    Measurement numbers, that’s what we're all about anymore, we measure everything, so we never even thought about measuring parts orders. I mean, we never had that ability, but now we do.