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Step 1 — Procurement Preferences
Repair Facilities — set their part procurement preferences

Repair facilities and insurance companies set their preferences on uParts, selecting their desired settings for part-types, delivery options, pricing, warranty, etc.

Step 2 — Estimating Process
Estimate Writers — write their estimates

Estimate writers prepare estimates using Estimating software. Their estimates are uploaded to uParts within seconds for review and sourcing.

Step 3 — Matching Algorithm
uParts — matches parts

uParts' proprietary algorithm heuristically determines the best mix of parts based on repair shop preferences, availability, pricing, etc.

Step 4 — Orders Processed
Orders Processing — is done electronically with each vendor

Orders from each repair facility is generated elecronically and sent directly to each supplier for fulfillment.

Step 5 — Shops Invoiced for Delivered Orders
Invoicing — uParts handles all invoicing, returns and delivery tasks

uParts invoices repair facilities, handles delivery records, and processes any return or credit requests.